Welcome to the future of real estate!

Most sellers still pay nearly 6%. That’s crazy. You KEEP more than half of that amount selling with us. That’s tens of thousands of your money.

That savings can increase your budget for your next home by more than $100,000! You can see buying details on the Buyers Information Page.


Compare our flat fee price to traditional 6% fee agents. The decision is simple!



Price comparison with traditional 6% Realtors


Compare our services to traditional 6% fee agents.


The same service provided by traditional 6% Realtors


Pricing – Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)


Pre-listing preparation guidance


Professional photography – 30 HDR photos, 3D virtual tour


Listing on the MLS, shown on 800+ websites


Listing on social media (Facebook & Nextdoor)


Sign in the front yard


Supra “Realtors Only” key box (optional)


Call center to handle showings


Provide all transaction paperwork


Assist with negotiation, inspection, appraisal and closing


  Full Transparency

You only pay when you close. There are never upfront costs or hidden fees with us. We want you to understand the whole process and all the costs of selling a home. You can visit our Closing Cost page to get a detailed explanation of all closing costs. There is also an opportunity to download an ALTA or Settlement Statement from an actual recent sale of ours. It’s just another way to be better prepared.


How can we be full service with a flat fee?

Simple – TIMES HAVE CHANGED. The “standard 6%” pricing model was created before the internet and smart phones. At that time, it was fair.

Before the internet, YOU had to pay for the brick-and-mortar showcase location (rent), expensive ads in several periodicals, and house staff.

Today, that work is done by the internet. Buyers have easy and immediate access to every home on the market through on-line property searches! We all have MLS websites, transaction coordination software, and electronic signature software. It’s all provided to every Realtor by the board. All of the work is done in minutes, from anywhere, for no extra fee, with little requirement for travel. Think of yourself as being “in our store” right now.

It’s far less cost! Less cost for us means smaller fees for you! It’s not a discount, just a fair way of doing business.


Do you agree?

Let’s take the next step together. You need to know how much your home is worth in today’s market.

Please use the instant home valuation to receive a free market analysis estimating your property’s value. It’s simple and only requires the address.

You could also call or email us, just scroll to the bottom of the any page and click on our contact information.

Don’t worry, there is no obligation with a free home valuation.


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